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FRIDAY 1ST MAY 2015 - AT 12:00 PM
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Aberdeen Arbroath Banff Chester Dublin Dumfries
Dundee Edinburgh Elgin Ellon English Exeter
Fochabers Glasgow Greenock Inverness Miscellaneous Montrose
Newcastle Paisley Perth Tain Whisky
Large silver ladle (John Ewan, Aberdeen 1810)
6 silver tea spoons (James Erskine, Aberdeen 1790)
Silver tea spoon (John Leslie, Aberdeen 1780)
Silver teaspoon (Alex Morrison, Aberdeen 1840)
Silver teaspoon (James Erskine, Aberdeen 1792)
Silver table spoon (James Gordon, Aberdeen 1780)
Silver table spoon (G. & A. Booth, Aberdeen 1830)
Silver table spoon (G. & A. Booth, Aberdeen 1825)
Silver table spoon (J. Pirie, Aberdeen 1817)
Small silver sauce ladle (James Gordon, Aberdeen 1780)
Small silver sauce ladle (Peter Gill & Son, Aberdeen 1840)
Silver teaspoon (Alexander Mollison, Aberdeen c. 1844-1847)
Silver teaspoon (John Leslie, Aberdeen, c. 1774-1821)
Small silver ladle (Peter Ross, Aberdeen, c.1819-1822)
3x Small silver ladles (Rettie Middleton & son, Aberdeen, assay Edinburgh, c.1844)
Table spoon (George Booth, Aberdeen, c.1800-1825)
Table spoon (Alexander Mollison, Aberdeen, c. 1844-1847)
Silver serving spoon (Charles Jamieson, Aberdeen, c. 1787 - 1819)
Silver serving spoon (Alexander Mollison, Aberdeen, c. 1844 -1847)
Small silver ladle (Rettie Middleston & Son, Aberdeen, c.1844)
4x silver table spoons (George Jamieson, Aberdeen, c. 1869)
Silver table spoon (Nathaniel Gillet, Aberdeen, c. 1790)
3x Silver teaspoons (William Jamieson & Sons, Aberdeen, c. 1805 - 1807)
4x silver teaspoons (James Smith, Aberdeen, c.1780 - 1828)
Silver teaspoon (John Leslie, Aberdeen, c. 1774 - 1821)
Silver teaspoon (George Jamieson, Aberdeen, c. 1853)
Silver condiment spoon (Rettie Middleton & Son, Aberdeen, c. 1848)
Silver condiment spoon (William Whitecross, Aberdeen, c. 1824 - 1840)
Small silver sauce ladle (Andrew Davidson, Arbroath 1835)
Small silver ladle (Andrew Davidson, Arbroath, c.1835-1850)
Pair of silver teaspoons (George Elder, Banff Year Mark 'F')
3x silver teaspoons (W. & J. Simpson, Banff 1830)
Silver teaspoon (John Keith, Banff 1780)
Silver table spoon (John Keith, Banff 1800)
Silver teaspoon (John Keith, Banff 1795 - 1820)
Small silver ladle (John McQueen, Banff, c. 1816-1839)
Small silver ladle (William Simpson I, Banff, c. 1825 - 1855)
Silver teaspoon (William Byres, Banff, c.1775 - 1792)
Silver fork, tongs & ladle (fork - unknown maker c1854-55; tongs - Barker Brothers c1912; ladle - Edward Ramsay, Chester)
2 silver ladles (Thomas Farnet, Dublin c1831-1832)
Silver ladle (Peter Walsh, Dublin, c1840)
Silver ladle (Christopher Cummins, Dublin, c1839-1840)
2 silver spoons & ladle (Samuel Neville, Dublin, c1818 & c1817)
4 teaspoons (John Smith, Dublin, c1887-1888)
2 teaspoons (J.S., Dublin, c1799)
3 teaspoons (James Le Bas, Dublin, c1835-36)
3 desert spoons (J.W., Dublin, c1804-1805)
Teaspoon c1820 & desert spoon c1824 (Christopher Eades, Dublin)
Silver serving Spoon (Philip Weekes, Dublin, c1847)
2 teaspoons (John Power, Dublin, c1813 & c1810)
Silver teaspoon (Unknown maker, Dublin, c1894)
Silver teaspoon (Richard Sawyer, Dublin, c1808)
Silver teaspoon (James Moore, Dublin, c1821)
Silver teaspoon (Richard Garde, Dublin, c1831)
Silver salt spoon (Thomas Farnett, Dublin, c1825-26)
Silver serving spoon (Arthur Murray, Dublin, c.1809)
Silver teaspoon (Charles March, Dublin, c.1825)
Silver teaspoon (John Bayly, Dublin, c. 1802)
Silver teaspoon (Christopher Cummins, Dublin, c. 1843)
Silver teaspoon (Thomas Farnett, Dublin, c. 1829)
Silver teaspoon (David Gray, Dumfries c. 1840-1841)
Silver teaspoon (Joseph Pearson, Dumfries, c. 1794-1817)
Silver teaspoon (Joseph Pearson, Dumfries, c. 1794 - 1817)
Silver teaspoon (David Gray, Dumfries, c. 1810 - 1841)
Silver teaspoon (David Gray, Dumfries, c. 1810 - 1841)
Small silver sauce ladle (Whytock & Sons, Dundee 1826)
Silver teaspoon (David Mason, Dundee 1810)
Silver teaspoon (Robert Donaldson, Dundee 1835)
Silver table spoon (Edward Livingston, Dundee 1800)
Small silver ladle (Alexander Cameron, Dundee c.1818 - 1849)
Silver teaspoon (Alexander Cameron, Dundee c.1818 - 1849)
Silver & shell snuffbox (William Young, Dundee, c. 1805 - 1850)
Large silver ladle (Mitchell & Russell, Edinburgh 1813)
Silver fish server (Elder & Co., Edinburgh 1836)
Pair of small silver sauce ladles(A. Elder, Edinburgh 1828)
Small silver sauce ladle (Marked 'D.D', Edinburgh 1857)
Small silver sauce ladle (George Fenwick, Edinburgh 1821)
Small silver sauce ladle (George Bell, Edinburgh 1841)
Small silver sauce ladle (W. F. & Co., Edinburgh 1805)
Small silver sauce ladle (Marked 'T.S', Edinburgh 1823)
Small silver sauce ladle (Marked 'T.T', Edinburgh 1806)
Small silver sauce ladle (Alexander Henderson, Edinburgh 1808)
Small silver sauce ladle (A. M. & Co., Edinburgh 1851)
Small silver sauce ladle (Francis Howden, Edinburgh 1851)
Silver table spoon (James Mackay, Edinburgh 1840)
Silver table spoon (Charles Dalgleish, Edinburgh 1818)
Silver table spoon (Patrick Robinson, Edinburgh 1769)
Silver table spoon (Edward Lothian, Edinburgh 1758)
Silver table spoon (Alexander Gardener, Edinburgh 1775)
Silver table spoon (Marked 'T.A', Edinburgh 1767)
Silver table spoon (John Clark, Edinburgh 1769)
Silver table spoon (Adam Zeigler, Edinburgh 1797)
Silver table spoon (John Heron, Edinburgh 1816)
Set of 6 teaspoons (5 marked A.R. & 1 marked J.N., Edinburgh, c1812)
2 silver butter knives (Francis Howard, Edinburgh, c1966)
2 silver teaspoons (John Zeigler, Edinburgh, c1804 & 1808, 1 retailed by Wm. Constable Dundee)
2 silver teaspoons (Marshall & Sons, Edinburgh, c1821 & c1833)
3 silver teaspoons (various makers, Edinburgh, c1800, 1809, 1816)
4 silver teaspoons (various makers, Edinburgh, c1823, 1830, 1842, 1892)
Pair of silver teaspoons (Lindsay Beech, Edinburgh, c. 1812)
Silver teaspoon (Unknown maker, Edinburgh)
Silver condiment spoon (James & William Marshall, Edinburgh, c. 1827)
Silver punch bowl (Edinburgh, c. 2006)
Silver ladle (James Hewitt, Edinburgh, c.1771)
Silver teaspoon (L. & S., Edinburgh, c. 1849)
Silver teaspoon (Charles Fowler, Elgin 1790)
Pair of silver teaspoons (Charles Fowler, Elgin 1815)
Silver teaspoon (Pozzi & Stewart, Elgin 1830)
Silver teaspoon (Thomas Stewart, Elgin, c.1812-1827)
Small silver ladle (William Stephen, Elgin, c.1828-1875)
Silver table spoon (William Fowler, Elgin c. 1830)
Small silver ladle (John Mackie, Ellon, c.1840)
4 silver items (Levi & Salaman, Birmingham, c1910-11; c1901-02; c1906-07; c1926-27)
Silver ladle (R.E., London, c1967)
Small silver ladle (WW, London, George IV, c1921)
Pierced small ladle (Henry Williamson Ltd, Birmingham, c1924)
2 small silver ladles (Chawner & Co, London, c1867-1868)
2 silver ladles (1 William Edwards, London, c1815; 1 unidentified c1833)
Silver soup ladle (John & Edwin Round, Sheffield, c1869)
2 George II silver servings spoons (Hugh Arnett & Edward Pocok, London, c1727-28)
3 George III silver serving spoons (Duncan Urquhart & Naphtaly Heart, London, c1789-90; Richard Crossley, London, c1792-93; William Collings, London, c1774-75)
Silver teaspoon (Wolfsky & Co Ltd, London, c1922)
2 George III serving spoons (William Bateman, London, c1802-03; Samuel Godbehere, Edward Wigan, & James Boult, London, c1803-04)
2 silver serving spoons (Thomas Streetin, London, c1807-08; c1811-12)
2 silver serving spoons (John James Whiting, London, c1844-45; William Chawner II, London, c1826-27)
Silver teaspoons (3 of H J Lias & Son, London, c1873; 2 of John & Henry Lias, London, c1820; 2 of John, Henry & Charles Lias, London, c1836-37)
2 silver George II serving spoons (Ebenezer Coker, London, c1750-51)
2 sugar tongs (large tongs - George III, Thomas Streetin, London, c1804; small tongs - Mappin & Webb, London)
3 butter knives (1 silver plated - James Allen & Sidney Darwin c1893; 1 - W & Co, George IV; 1 - George Maudsley Jackson c1890-91, Sheffield)
3 teaspoons & 3 salt spoons (teaspoons - John Gammage c1857; S.H. ? c1812; Robert Pringle & Son 1900-01, Birmingham)
5 Sheffield silver teaspoons (Cooper Bros & Sons Ltd c1917); London silver sugar tongs (Cooper Bros & Sons); London silver salt spoon (Cooper Bros & Sons); Sheffield silver teaspoon (Francis Howard Ltd c1995)
6 silver salt spoons (see image for makers, all London)
Sugar sifter (Robert Pringle & Sons c1938, Birmingham)
Silver serving spoon (Richard Binley, c1759-60, London)
2 silver teaspoons & desert spoon (Josiah Williams & Co, Exeter, teaspoon (engraved AEJ) c1867; teaspoon c1873-74; desert spoon c1856-57)
3 silver teaspoons (2 by George Turner, Exeter c1825 & c1829; 1 by Thomas Hart Stone, Exeter, c1872-73)
Silver teaspoon (J. Maciver, Fochabers, c.1830)
Silver teaspoon (J. Maciver, Fochabers, c.1833)
Silver table spoon (Alexander Cameron, Dundee, assay Glasgow, 1820)
Silver teaspoon (George Thomas, Glasgow 1824)
Small silver sauce ladle (Thomas Kennedy, Glasgow 1836)
Pair of small silver sauce ladles (Thomas Kennedy, Glasgow 1829)
Silver table spoon (William Semple, Glasgow 1861)
Pair silver table spoons (Robert Gray & Son, Glasgow 1821)
Silver teaspoon (John Mitchell, Glasgow 1844)
Silver teaspoon (William Russell, Glasgow 1827)
6x silver teaspoons (WIlliam Coghill, Glasgow 1886)
Pair of silver teaspoon (W Allan, Glasgow, c.1865)
Silver teaspoon (William Semple, Glasgow, c. 1860)
Silver table spoon (John Herron, Greenock 1824)
Silver teaspoon (James Orr, Greenock 1815)
Silver teaspoon (Clark, Greenock 1810)
Silver table spoon (John Heron, Greenock, c.1819)
Small silver ladle (John Summers, Greenock)
Silver teaspoon (Possible John Clark, Greenock, c. 1800-1825)
Silver teaspoon (John Herron, Greenock, c. 1826)
Small silver condiment spoon (Robert Naughton, Inverness 1830)
3x silver table spoons (Charles Jamieson, Inverness 1817)
Silver teaspoon (Robert Naughton, Inverness, c.1813-1857)
Silver teaspoon (John Macrae, Inverness, c1826-1841)
Small silver ladle (John Macrae, Inverness, c.1826-1841)
Small silver ladle (Donald Fraser, Inverness, c.1804-1820)
Silver serving spoon (Charles Jamieson, Inverness, c.1787 - 1819)
Sterling ladle
Silver wine leaf teaspoons
Oak cutlery box presented to Eric Milner-White, Dean of York
Silver teaspoon (John Stewart, Dumfries c.1812-1819)
Sheffield & Birmingham silver animal ornaments c.1992, 2013 & 2014
Pair of continental silver salts
Sheffield Hawksworth Eyre & co. Ltd. 1919 silver ink well
£5.00 coin collection
Dutch silver ladle c. 1890
Continental silver retriever ornament
Sheffield silver Brown trout (Camelot Silver Ltd, c. 2000)
Medusa Oro, Italy, silver motorbike c. 1970
Pair of continental silver horse ornaments
Silver & Glass swan salt cellars
9ct. Gold Bangle
9ct. Gold Bangle (Red stone)
14ct. Gold ladies ring
9ct. Gold ladies ring
Clachnacuddin F.C. medals (9ct gold & silver) att. G. Warburton (silver medals) & A. Macdonald (gold medal)
Cyma pocket watch
French carriage clock - retailed by Selfridges London
Ross London Military issue telescope
John Macpherson Inverness 3 draw telescope
American 20th century Bronze Bust - George Washington by David Spence (Morris Singer Foundry London) Limited edition 114/1000.
Continental silver Claret jug
Silver trinket box (Spurrier & Co., Birmingham, c. 1925)
Silver & faux tortoise shell trinket box (Alexander Clark & Co, c. 1923)
Plated & faux tortoise shell trinket box
Silver & faux tortoise shell trinket box (Deakin & Francis Ltd., c. 1919)
Dressing table jars & travel bottles (Birmingham & London)
Silver & faux tortoise shell compact (Danish silver)
Silver & faux tortoise shell trinket box (Collet & Anderson, London, c. 1920)
Silver birds nest ashtray
Silver inkwell (Harry Emmanuel, Birmingham, c. 1907)
Silver animal ornaments
Silver belt buckles
Silver shaker (William Neale, Birmingham, c. 1910)
Silver cigarette case (William Henry Sparrow, Birmingham, c. 1907)
Silver card case (Walker & Hall, London, c. 1931)
Silver cigarette case (Robert Pringle & Sons, Birmingham, c. 1907)
Silver cigarette case (Miller Brothers, Birmingham, c. 1918)
Two propelling pencils
Silver vesta
Silver condiment pot, Birmingham, c.1907)
Silver vesta (Theatley, Birmingham, c. 1910)
Ornamental silver telephone
Silver kettle shaped tea ball
Silver pourer (Queen Anne, Edinburgh, c. 1708)
Ladies brooches
Kilt pins
Kilt pin (Robert Allison, Edinburgh, c. 1972)
Kilt pin (Robert Allison, Glasgow, c. 1945)
Silver vesta (W. H. Haseler Ltd., Birmingham, c. 1911)
Silver vesta (Minshull & Latimer, Birmingham, c. 1894)
Silver vesta (Robert Pringle & Sons, Birmingham, c. 1914)
Silver spoon (John McGilvray & Son, Oban, c. 1925)
3 Salt spoons
3 Bangles
Ladies necklace & earring set
Plated Koi carp
American table snuff box
Lalique Crystal Danseuse Bras Leves figurine
Lalique crystal bull paperweight
Lalique frosted & clear Ermenonville vase
Lalique pour home 3 flacons collection
Opalique glass bowl
Silver teaspoon (James Sturrock, Montrose 1860)
Silver teaspoon (Peter Lambert, Montrose, c. 1833 - 1838)
Silver teaspoon (Benjamin Lumsden, Montrose, c.1780 - 1790)
Silver teaspoon (Reid & Son, c1824-25, Newcastle)
4x Silver teaspoons (Reid & Sons, Newcastle, c.1840)
Silver teaspoon (John Walton, Newcastle, c.1857)
Silver teaspoon (Thomas Sewell I, Newcastle, c.1857)
Small silver ladle (John Robertson II & John Walton, Newcastle, c.1811-1820)
Small silver ladle (John Walton, Newcastle, c.1815)
Silver teaspoon (Reid & Sons, Newcastle, c.1840)
Pair of silver teaspoons (John Walton, Newcastle, c.1831)
Silver teaspoon (William Hannay, Paisley 1800)
Silver teaspoon (William Hannay, Paisley 1822)
Pair silver teaspoons (William Hannay, Paisley, c.1837)
Silver teaspoon (John Allan, Paisley, c. 1790 - 1820)
Pair of silver teaspoon (William Hannay, Paisley, c. 1837)
Silver teaspoon (John Pringle, Perth 1840)
Silver teaspoon (William Ritchie, Perth 1830)
Silver teaspoon (Robert Keay, Perth 1800)
Silver teaspoon (James Wright, Perth 1790 - 1810)
Small silver sauce ladle (Daniel Robson, Perth 1847)
Small silver sauce ladle (Robert Keith, Perth 1840)
Small silver sauce ladle (Robert Keay, Perth 1825)
Small silver sauce ladle (James Wright, Perth 1790)
Silver table spoon (Robert Keith, Perth 1840)
Silver teaspoon (David Greig, Perth, c. 1815)
Silver condiment spoon (Charles Murray, Perth, c.1816 - 1833)
Silver teaspoon (Alexander Stewart, Tain, c. 1812-1841)
Silver teaspoon (Alexander Stewart, Tain)
Silver teaspoon (Alexander Stewart, Tain)
Cased Gordon & MacPhail whisky miniatures
Johnnie Walker Swing Superior
Balblair 33 year old malt collectors set
Dalmore 12 year old malt
Dalmore 'The Black Isle' 12 year old malt
The MacAllan fine oak 21 year old
Grand Old Parr De luxe 12 year old
Glen Moray Centerary Portwood malt
Signatorys Millburn Distillery 1983 malt - The unchillfiltered collection
The Ba' Kirkwall 8 year old blend
Rhoderick Dhu blend (bottled for Historic Scotland)
Cragganmore 12 year old malt
Inver House Green plaid blend
Balblair 1988 malt
Haig's Dimple 12 year old
Logan Deluxe blended 12 year old
Glenfiddich Clans- The House of Stewart
Johnnie Walker Blue Label
The Royal Household blend
Glenfiddich Clans - Macpherson
Columba Cream liqueur
Benromach malt
Royal Burgh of Forres Quincentenary Blended Scotch Whisky

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